What Do I Do If My Water Pipes Have Frozen?

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Winter is nearly here, which means it’s that time of year when insulating your home becomes a priority. But it isn’t only insulating your home that’s important to consider; you also need to insulate your water pipes.


Every winter, many homeowners throughout the U.S. come to the terrible conclusion that their water pipes have frozen. And, in even worse situations, sometimes those water pipes burst and cause water damage throughout their basement.


But how do you know when your water pipes have frozen and what can you do once you notice they are?


How do I know if my water pipes are frozen?

There are a few ways you can tell if your water pipes have frozen. First, no water (or a little bit of water) will come out of your faucet when you turn it on. This happens because there’s an ice blockage inside the pipe that is keeping the water from passing through.


Another way you can tell your pipes are frozen is that there’s frost on the pipe itself. Finally, an odd smell coming from the pipe itself or even the drain may be a sign that your pipes have frozen.


What can I do when my water pipes freeze?

If you’re able to access the part of your pipe that has become frozen, wrap an electric heat wrap around the area of the pipe. Never use an open flame because it can damage the pipe itself.


Keep your faucet on at a trickle to allow the water to pass through the pipe and gradually melt the ice block. Keep your electric heat wrap around the pipe until full water pressure is restored.


If you’re unable to reach the frozen part of your pipe or if there are multiple parts of the pipe that are frozen, it may be in your best interest to contact a professional plumbing service.


Is there a way to prevent water damage from a burst pipe?

In some cases, you may be unable to keep a frozen pipe from bursting. A burst water pipe can mean serious water damage to your basement and crawl space.


Fortunately, you can help to prevent water damage from affecting your basement and crawl space by waterproofing both of the areas and keeping your basement dry.


Need moisture removal in your home?

Of all homes with basements in the U.S., more than 98% of them will experience at least some type of water damage. Moisture removal and the installation of a moisture barrier for a waterproof basement can help you take back control over your home and reduce your risk of property damage.


Dry-Tek Environmental offers waterproofing for basements and water spaces as well as moisture removal. To learn more about how to keep your crawl space moisture free and how to waterproof your basement, contact Dry-Tek Environmental today.