3 Nasty Myths About Mold You Shouldn’t Believe

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Mold is nasty, and that’s no myth. According to the EPA, all types of mold (100%) have the potential to cause health complications, from minor effects to death in some rare cases. Beyond health problems, mold can cause unpleasant smells, unsightly damage, and can even lower your property value.


Myths surrounding mold likely come from individuals who don’t want to believe just how bad mold can be. Unfortunately, mold issues are often even worse than they appear. Here are three myths about mold that you shouldn’t believe:


Myth #1: Bleach Kills Mold


This myth is disturbingly common and definitely false. Unfortunately, bleach only kills a handful of types of live mold, and is ineffective at eliminating mold spores. Bleach is also useless on porous surfaces, meaning that mold which has penetrated wood, carpet, and wallpaper won’t be harmed by the substance. In fact, OSHA and the EPA advise homeowners against attempting mold removal with bleach, since the chemical poses its own health risks.


Myth # 2: You Don’t Need to Worry About a Little Mold


Unfortunately, this myth is also not accurate. In many cases, significant amounts of mold can be present without being visible. A small spot of mold could indicate even more growth in your ventilation system or behind your walls. Only a professional can estimate the size of a mold problem using air cell trap analysis. Additionally, mold can grow rapidly, and so a few specks of mold can become a huge garden of fungus if you don’t take swift action.


Myth #3: Mold Can’t Be Prevented


This myth is partially true, but misleading. Mold and mold spores are constantly present in the air we breathe and in the ground around us. Eliminating mold from any environment entirely is indeed difficult. However, harmful amounts of dangerous molds, like black mold, can be prevented. Creating a waterproof basement and dry home environment is one excellent way to stop mold growth before it starts. Since mold requires humidity to thrive and spread, moisture removal strategies and waterproofing throughout your home can help deter unwanted mold growth. The lower levels of a home are often the dampest, so consider hiring professionals to help you create a waterproof basement. In many cases, keeping water out means keeping mold out.


If you have a mold problem in your basement or crawl space, don’t take chances. You’ll need to address the problem quickly and thoroughly to avoid worse complications. Don’t believe these three myths, and tackle your mold problem before it becomes a mold catastrophe.


Facing a mold problem in the southern Delaware area? Contact Dry Tek Environmental today. We can help you create a waterproof basement and moisture-free home to stop mold in its tracks.