How To Prevent Mold Growth in Crawl Space

Molds in your crawl space can threaten your family’s health and your property’s structural integrity. Such fungi feed on and break down organic matter in the underside of your home, such as cardboard, fabrics, and wood. Molds can also cause problems like burning eyes, stuffy nose, recurring sinusitis, coughing or wheezing, skin rash, chronic fatigue, […]

Common Mistakes While Installing a Sump Pump

Sump pumps are mechanisms used to reduce water and structural damage in crawl spaces or basements. If the underside of your home has standing water, these devices can move it out of the area and away from your property’s perimeter. Aside from sump pumps, you also need to install a drainage system and waterproof your […]

Causes of Wood Rot in Crawl Space

Wood rot or wood decay in your crawl space can be very dangerous as it can cause foundation damage and compromise the structural integrity of your property. It often develops in hard-to-reach areas such as beams, joists, sill plates, sub-flooring, and wooden pier extensions. It is the reason why encapsulating a crawl space is crucial. […]

Should You Keep Your Crawl Space Vents Open or Closed?

If we are to ask homeowners whether they seal off their crawl space vents or keep them open, we’ll probably get different answers. Some might say they leave their vents closed all year round to prevent pests and insects from infesting the area. Others, however, prefer to open and shut them depending on the season. […]

Common Basement Waterproofing Mistakes That Homeowners Commit

According to experts, 98% of US houses will experience water damage during a homeowner’s lifespan. Such harm can cost you plenty of money on repairs. So, it’s crucial that you know what to do in case you encounter such issues in your basement. Having said that, what do you normally do when you experience basement […]

Importance of Crawl Space Doors

Houses have crawl spaces for two main reasons: they can be very convenient for home appliance management, and they’re more cost-effective than using concrete slab foundations. The underside of your property also provides access to your plumbing and electrical utilities. That said, you should ensure that the underside of your home is safe and secured […]

3 Environmental Benefits of Waterproofing

If you live in a house with a crawl space or basement, then you may already know how important it is to ensure that the area is dry and safe at all times. Protecting your home’s structure, controlling temperature, reducing pests, improving air quality, and creating storage space are just some waterproofing benefits you may […]

Foundation Waterproofing: Do’s and Don’ts

According to research, millions of homes in the US are at immediate risk of flooding. To ensure that your property is safe from water damage, one of the best things you can do is to contact experts of basement or foundation waterproofing. You should also follow these simple home waterproofing do’s and don’ts: Do Clean […]

Sump Pump: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Is your crawl space flooded? Do you often see standing water in the area? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then experts may recommend a sump pump installation on the underside of your property along with insulation or encapsulation. You’ll find more information about the device below if you’ve never heard […]