Tips for Keeping Your Basement Dry

moisture removal

Wet basements can pose a serious threat to homeowners. Although your basement may be visibly wet after a flooding, it could also be holding moisture where you cannot see. The hidden dangers of basement flooding can be just as damaging as the flooding itself. If you do not have a moisture barrier or a means of proper moisture removal, you may be left facing these potential issues that could be damaging to your home and health.


Where there is moisture, there is a potential for mold and mildew. Black and green mold can both potentially thrive in this environment. If mold and moisture removal is not performed, the mold will continue to grow. This has the potential to cause respiratory issues, especially in children and the elderly. When you notice a flood or leak, it is important to seek prompt services. Exposure to mold can also cause headaches, asthma, and eye infections.


Moisture can also host bacteria in your wet basement or crawl space. If bacteria is not cleaned out properly, it will continue to keep coming back. Once bacteria is in the air, it poses a risk for causing illness and infections. Without proper basement waterproofing, bacteria colonies can continue to spread.

Basement flooding can be a nightmare for homeowners. A flooded basement can cause damage to your home, personal belongings, and lead to health hazards. There are some tips you can take to help keep your basement dry. Proper basement waterproofing and moisture removal can help to eliminate any potential for a disaster.

Check Your Windows

If you have windows down in your basement, it is important to inspect them regularly. Cracks or loose windows could prove to cause an issue if a storm were to occur. This would allow water to seep into your basement, sometimes at an alarming rate.

Check Your Gutters

A faulty gutter system could allow excess moisture to linger where it should not be. This can lead to water making its way into your basement and cause a flooding situation. In order to prevent this from happening, regular gutter inspection is necessary.

Hire a Professional

Some jobs are better left to the professionals, especially when it comes to home ownership. Almost one-hundred percent of those who own a home with a basement will experience some sort of water damage. A professional will be able to help you with moisture removal and waterproof your basement to help eliminate the potential for any future problems. Even one flooding experience is one too many.