Crawl Space Waterproofing Makes Your Home a Healthier Place to Be

crawl space waterproofing

Most people do not think much about their crawl space but if you have not have had crawl space waterproofing you should certainly be giving it some thought. The crawl space is the space under your home between the house and the slab foundation.

A crawlspace can range from a foot high to three feet high. It is a haven for moisture build-up and an invitation for mold growth if you have yet to enlist professionals for crawl space waterproofing services. You may not think of it often but your crawl space needs attention.

Why is it So Important that Your Crawl Space Stays Dry?

Getting sick from mold is a very real possibility. It is estimated that up to 93% of chronic sinus infections are caused by mold. Mold in your crawl space can spread quickly and grow into the rest of your home fast.

Your dark damp crawl space is an excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew that can infect the rest of your home. Even if it is localized to the crawl space mold spores can travel through your home and causes health problems especially for allergy sufferers. Protecting your home and the people in it starts with crawl space waterproofing that will keep the mold out.

The Hidden Damage

The potential for getting your family sick from an untreated crawlspace is bad enough, but there is a real risk to your property as well. Moisture is the enemy when it comes to floor joists and other structural parts of your home.

A damp environment in your crawlspace can be a recipe for disaster for your home. The threat of damage slowly eroding the parts of your home that are not visible is real.

Crawl Space Moisture Removal

Getting the moisture out and keeping it out is a process. A professional has the skillset, tools, and remedies for keeping the space under your home dry. A crawl space vapor barrier helps to keep the moisture from returning and becoming a problem for underneath your home. Crawl space encapsulation seals out the damp.

A crawl space dehumidifier can be used to reduce the moisture under your home. There are different processes that an expert can discuss with you to ensure that you never have to worry about property damage or health threats because of your crawlspace.