How to Dry Out Your Crawlspace After a Leak: 4 Methods

drying crawl space after leak

When a leak happens, your crawlspace may accumulate excess moisture, which can pose potential damage to the rest of your house. You may be wondering, is there a way to dry it out? 

Thankfully, there are some measures you can take to help prevent moisture accumulation before a leak as well as ways to dry it out once a leak has occurred. We will cover these methods in detail below. 

Preventing Leaks in Your Crawlspace

The best way to ensure a dry crawlspace is to prevent the chances for leaks to occur in the first place. Here are some ways that you can do this: 

Check Your Foundation for Cracks or Holes

If your home’s foundation has cracks or holes in it, this can create an entry point for water to enter your crawlspace. If these are not addressed, the problem will only reoccur until the openings are resealed. 

In addition to the foundation itself, also check any vents or windows. Glass can break and seals can wear over time. You should replace any broken or worn parts near these large openings to prevent further moisture accumulation. 

Are Your Gutters Irrigating Water Properly? 

Gutters help irrigate water away from your foundation. Check all gutters for clutter and to see if they are directing water away from your home properly. If not, this can cause rainwater to seep into the ground next to your foundation and into your crawlspace or basement if there is a hole or crack. 

Any Depressions Near Your Foundation? 

Natural depressions in the ground, animal holes, and driveway erosion can create openings near your foundation where water can become trapped. These increase the risk of moisture accumulation. 

Is there an Equipment Malfunction? 

Do you already have some kind of moisture barrier, drainage system, or dehumidifier? Check your moisture remediation equipment in your crawlspace to see if there is some kind of damage or malfunction leading to excess water accumulation. If so, you should contact a service provider to have the situation resolved immediately. 

Drying Out Your Crawlspace Method 1: Dehumidifier

Installing a dehumidifier in your crawl space can help dry it out after a leak. It will help remove moisture from the air, which, in turn, will help any bodies of water evaporate as well. You can either install one permanently or place one in the crawlspace to be removed later. To determine the best option for your home, you should discuss with your service provider. 

Method 2: Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

Some homeowners elect to line their crawlspace with a permanent vapor barrier to protect against water damage and moisture accumulation. The barrier provides a waterproof buffer between the water and porous materials in your crawlspace like wood and concrete.

Some homeowners will also install a dehumidifier in their crawlspace along with a vapor barrier. This will create a two-pronged approach to keeping a dry crawlspace that can evaporate excess moisture quickly. 

Method 3: Wet-Dry Vac

You can use a wet-dry vacuum to dry out your crawlspace after a leak. This solution is best suited for puddles and small bodies of standing water. 

Consumer grade wet-dry vacuums often do not have the volume to handle larger amounts of water damage from major leaks. If your crawlspace has accumulated a large amount of water, an industrial-grade vacuum could be used in certain cases if a service provider deems it suitable or necessary. 

Method 4: Custom Drainage System

Crawlspaces can be outfitted with custom drainage systems that can help remove risks of mold and water damage for good. These are especially beneficial for homeowners in places where flooding and frequent rain are common occurrences. 

We design and install custom crawlspace drainage systems to help many people combat leaks. These systems grant the homeowner the peace of mind that water can be instantly removed from their crawlspace proactively without manual intervention. 

When in Doubt, Let a Professional Help

If you have tried drying out your crawlspace after a leak and still are not seeing results, it might be time to call a professional service provider for help. 

Our team at DryTek services southern Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland and have helped countless homeowners remediate and prevent water damage in their living spaces. If you are looking for help with keeping your crawlspace dry, contact us anytime.