5 Ways to Reduce Basement and Bathroom Humidity

condensation on window

Excess basement humidity can cause moisture damage in your home, and controlling the humidity only becomes more challenging if there is also a bathroom in this part of your home. Fortunately, there are methods and tools we can use to control humidity levels in our homes. 

On our blog, we have covered humidity control topics extensively. Whether we are discussing a moisture-sealing your crawlspace, when to use a dehumidifier, and many others, we believe this topic is essential to maintaining a healthy home. 

Whether you have one in your basement or not, bathrooms are one of the greatest contributors to moisture in your home. For example, many people do not properly ventilate steam from their showers when running the hot water. This will cause the wet air to linger and pose a damage risk after repeated occurrences. 

To help you better reduce humidity in your home, here are 5 tips for controlling moisture levels in your basement, especially if you have a bathroom down there: 

Tip 1: Avoid Clutter

The more belongings you store in your basement, the higher the chance of moisture being trapped and contributing to the growth of mold and other contaminants in these dark areas. It is also difficult for heat to reach these areas and reduce the moisture levels. 

Instead, keep your basement as organized and easy to clean as possible. This will help reduce the likelihood of moisture damage and will allow you to more easily spot any warning signs before it becomes a more serious hazard. 

Tip 2: Address Any Moisture Entry Points

If not properly sealed, basements become moisture magnets. Should you notice your basement feels humid, smells musty, or you find condensation, you should inspect the area for cracks or holes in the walls and windows. Once you find any moisture entry point, you should seal it or call a professional to remedy the problem. 

Be sure to also inspect the foundation around your home exterior. Look for any cracks or openings that could be contributing to the moisture problem. These may not always be apparent from the inside, so you should investigate both indoors and outdoors. 

For more tips on this topic, check out our blog post on keeping water out of your basement. 

Tip 3: If You Have a Basement Bathroom, Keep it as Clean and Dry as Possible 

If there’s a bathroom in your basement and people in your home use it to take showers, this will add to any existing humidity. It’s important to clean this room often and ensure the room stays as dry as possible. 

If you do have a bathroom in your basement, you should keep a dehumidifier in that room. On a periodic basis, and after showers (if the bathroom has a shower), run the dehumidifier to reduce the chance of moisture accumulating and causing damage to your home. 

Tip 4: If You Discover Mold in Your Basement, Remove it Immediately 

Basements are often prime locations for finding mold in your home. If you discover mold in the basement, you should safely remove it immediately. For most mold removal situations, we recommend that you contact a professional who can remediate the problem safely. 

Excess moisture will encourage further mold growth, exacerbate the contamination further, and pose a major health risk to those living in your home. For more information, check out our blog post on do’s and don’ts of mold removal.

Tip 5: Don’t Ignore Your Crawlspace

In addition to your basement, you may also have a crawlspace in your home. You should check the crawlspace for any moisture accumulation as well as looking for any cracks where it could enter. If you do discover any risks in the crawlspace, you should address the issue immediately and take steps to keep it dry

Nothing’s Working? Call a Professional to Solve Your Problem 

Have you tried resolving excess moisture in your basement? Feels like nothing is working? You should call a professional to help you. 
DryTek Environmental has provided countless moisture remediation services to people along the Eastern Shore of Maryland since our founding. If you are one of our neighbors and want to consult with us about the best solution for your basement, please contact us at any time.