3 Signs Your Basement Is Prone to Water Damage

Though some basements have no problem staying dry as an unbuttered biscuit, many, if not most, basements have water and moisture issues. In fact, over 98% of all homes that have basements will experience some type of water damage. Floods happen and are often unavoidable, but you can still take steps to keep your safe […]

3 Stains To Be Wary Of On Basement Walls

Ever wonder why basement waterproofing is so popular? Take a look at your basement or crawl space’s walls. Basement walls are generally in contact with moist soil, so the moisture seeping through your home’s foundation carries all kinds of interesting particles with it. The extra particles hitching a ride with the moisture can leave some […]

3 Health Problems That Mold Could Be Causing

Mold in your home can be sneaky, but that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Plenty of health problems can occur when you have certain kinds of mold growing in your home, especially the types that thrive in damp basements and crawl spaces. If you are experiencing any of these three health problems and you just can’t […]

Pest Issues In Your Home? Make These Fixes

Even if you have a new home, you may be surprised to find pests sneaking in. Where are they coming from? Why are they attracted to your home, and how do they get in? Here’s a hint: it may start under your home. Between 15 and 20% of new homes are built over crawl spaces, and if […]

Crawl Space Waterproofing: Comparing Methods

If you’ve determined you need a solution for cutting down on humidity and moisture in your crawl space, your head may be spinning as you look up the many various options available to you. Be aware that some traditional methods just don’t cut it. For example, a wall vent in a crawl space. Wall vents […]

Basement Flooding Can Worsen Mental Health, New Study Shows

If you can’t resist the urge to repeatedly check your basement for flooding after a heavy rainstorm, you’re not alone. According to a new study, basement flooding can cause long term problems to your mental health, the Windsor Star reports. Take it from Donna Desmarais and her husband Jack, a retired couple of LaSalle, Ontario who endured […]

3 Landscaping Tips That Can Help Keep Your Basement Dry

Of all homes with basements, over 98% will experience some type of water damage. Homes with sump pumps are especially vulnerable to basement flooding, and while it’s always ideal to invest in reliable basement waterproofing services, there are a number of steps you can take to keep your basement dry using your yard. That’s right […]

3 Smart Tips to Protect Your Home During the Spring Seeping Season

A wet basement or crawlspace can have disastrous results on a home’s foundation. What’s worse is that this moisture can cause a slew of dangerous health effects related to mold: according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 100% of all types of mold have the potential to cause some health effects. This can be minor […]