What Is Crawl Space Neglect and Why Is It a Big Deal?

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Crawl spaces: a huge number of homes have them — about 27 million U.S. homes, to be precise — yet most people don’t really think about them. This makes sense given that there is not much which can be done with these cramped, remote parts of the house.

However, if a crawl space is not given the treatment and maintenance it requires, it can cause serious problems for a home and its residents. Keep informed of these classic cases of crawl space neglect so you can avoid issues down the line.

What Is Considered A Crawl Space?

A crawl space is a hollowed area that is located under the house, usually between the ground and the first floor. A crawl space is relatively small, only measuring from 1- 3 feet in height, just high enough for someone to crawl through.

What Is a Crawl Space Used For?

While many people may not know they have a crawl spaces, there are still many more who do not know what they are used for.

Crawl spaces provide air circulation through the house and also grant easy access to services like plumbing, electrical for repair and maintenance needs.

Do I Need To Encapsulate My Crawlspace?

It is an easy mistake to make — if you never put anything in your crawl space, why would it matter if it had a dirt floor? Be careful of this mentality; getting crawl space encapsulation done is essential for keeping your crawl space dry.

Otherwise, this common form of crawlspace neglect leaves your house vulnerable to groundwater intrusion, a process which can incur much costly damage.

There is no problem with passing up on crawl space insulation — if you like high heating bills and cold floors, that is! Neglecting to seal up and insulate your crawl space is likely to catch up with you when winter comes, as these spaces are infamously drafty.

With the money you save from keeping the heat in your house, getting your crawlspace insulated is a no-brainer.

Encapsulating your crawl space will provide a load of benefits for your home, like helping to keep moisture and flooding at bay in your house.

How To Keep Moisture Out Of A Crawl Space

Even if groundwater is not infiltrating your crawl space, there are other ways for moisture to get in. Moist, humid air can seep in through cracks and other draft sources, eventually promoting the growth of mold and fungus and wreaking havoc on indoor air quality.

Fortunately, a good crawl space drain system and crawl space dehumidifier can work together to facilitate moisture removal and keep your crawl space dry.

Don’t become another person who engages in crawl space neglect; solve crawl space problems before they arise. A proper crawl space drain system, moisture barrier, and encapsulation can save you a big chunk of change in the long run.