Waterproofing a Dirt Crawl Space

dirt floor

Have you just moved into a home with a dirt crawl space? If your answer is yes, then one of the dilemmas you may face is deciding whether it is a good idea to waterproof the area or not.

To help you solve such a predicament, experts suggest that you should consider crawl space waterproofing as soon as possible. If left as it is, the area could become an unending source of water and moisture. This could lead to many problems, such as condensation, mold growth, and wood rot. The underside of your home could also house pests and insects like mice, rats, spiders, ants, and termites.

That said, it would be best for you to contact a crawl space contractor right away. And in case you haven’t worked with one before, here are some of the things they can do to help secure the area underneath your home:

  • Block or Seal Off Any Openings to the Outdoors
    Open vents, cracks, holes, gaps, and other openings in your crawl space allow humid outdoor air and water to enter the area. If this happens, the underside of your home could become damp and prone to mold growth and wood rot. Such entryways could also provide access to pests and insects.
  • Insulate Your Crawl Space
    One of the best ways to keep water out of the underside of your property is by insulating the area. Crawl space insulation can also help prevent problems such as high humidity levels, mold and mildew growth, pest and insect infestation, and structural damage.
  • Encapsulate the Space Underneath Your Home
    Like insulation, crawl space encapsulation is another effective way to protect the area from water damage. Some of its known benefits include humidity level reduction and mold growth, and pest infestation prevention. It also helps improve indoor air quality and increases your home’s energy efficiency.

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