Understanding the Benefits of a Dry Basement (Part 2)

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In the last post, we discussed some of the main advantages of keeping your basement or crawl space as dry as possible. However, there are many lesser known advantages of basement waterproofing as well, and it’s important to have a thorough range of knowledge before deciding whether or not basement or crawl space moisture removal services are right for you. Here’s part two of our homeowner’s guide to understanding the advantages of a dry basement or crawl space.

Remodel Preparations
This is one major benefit of moisture and mold removal that many homeowners simply aren’t aware of or don’t fully understand. The fact is, the Environmental Protection Agency states that resolving any and all basement or crawl space water issues is an absolutely essential component of preparing for a remodeling job. If you skip this critical step, all of the effort and hard work you put into planning and executing your remodeling plans may be wasted. It’s much better to be proactive and get the waterproofing job done beforehand so you can enjoy your new basement once the remodeling job is complete.

Infrastructure Protection
Many homeowners also fail to realize the fact that a moisture-ridden crawl space or basement, when left unresolved, can wreak some serious havoc on your entire home’s infrastructure. These foundation issues can certainly be prevented with due diligence regarding basement water issues. Not only that, but it’s much more financially efficient to waterproof your basement when you notice a small amount of moisture than to wait until it’s a major problem and the job requires a much greater investment.

Peace of Mind
Finally, having a dry basement simply gives any homeowner some much-needed peace of mind. Owning a home is no easy task; it requires what can seem like constant maintenance and upkeep. But taking efforts to keep your basement dry help to protect your home and your family. According to the Mayo Clinic 93% of Chronic Sinus Infections have been attributed to mold, and a basement filled with moisture does nothing but continually cause trouble until it’s resolved.

Ultimately, understanding these benefits of keeping your basement dry can help you determine whether or not basement or crawl space waterproofing services are right for you. For more information about crawl space dehumidifiers and mold removal, contact Dry-Tek Environmental.