Importance of Crawl Space Doors

Importance of Crawl Space Doors

Houses have crawl spaces for two main reasons: they can be very convenient for home appliance management, and they’re more cost-effective than using concrete slab foundations. The underside of your property also provides access to your plumbing and electrical utilities.

That said, you should ensure that the underside of your home is safe and secured at all times. One way you can do this is to have a proper doorway. If you don’t have one yet, you should call a crawl space technician for crawl space door installation as soon as possible. And in case you need more reasons why the underside of your home should have a hatch, here are some of its benefits:

  • It Helps Protect Your Health

If your crawl space doesn’t have a door and is not properly waterproofed, the area can get infested with mold. It can be dangerous to your health, especially if you’re allergic to it. You may experience coughing, difficulty breathing, fatigue, headache, itching, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and wheezing.

  • It Can Help You Save Money

If your crawl space houses your plumbing system, you may experience problems like pipe freezing or bursting during colder months. Fixing such issues can be very expensive. So, it would be best to prevent it from happening in the first place. You can do this by waterproofing and enclosing the underside of your home with crawl space doors.

  • It Keeps Out Pests and Insects

Crawl spaces can be the perfect place for pests and insects to thrive in. This includes rats, mice, spiders, roaches, termites, and mosquitoes.

The presence of pests and insects in the underside of your home can be dangerous not only to your property but to your health as well. Termites, for example, can severely damage the structural stability of your house. Rodents and mosquitoes also carry diseases like leptospirosis, Salmonella, Zika virus, dengue, and malaria.

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Aside from calling an expert for crawl space door installation or crawl space door replacement, you should also contact a waterproofing company that offers insulation or encapsulation services. At Dry-Tek Environmental, our professionals will help you ensure that the underside of your property is safe and dry at all times.