How To Upgrade Your Basement in A Few Easy Ways

crawl space dehumidifier

The basement is a space that often goes underutilized.

There are a few ways you can give your basement a makeover, however. So, if you have ever been curious as to how you can maintain and renovate your basement without much work at all, continue reading. Turn it into the fun and cozy space you’ve always dreamed of having.

Basement Maintenance

The first thing you need to know about upgrading this space? You need to maintain it by keeping it dry and clean. Did you know of all the homes with basements, 98% of them will experience water damage at some point? Not only is water damage a hassle to get rid of, but it can wreak serious havoc to your home. Risks of water damage include pests, mold, and even deterioration of your health. Mold can aggravate asthma and even cause respiratory infections.

A crawl space dehumidifier is a perfect device for anyone who wants to avoid these serious risks.

A crawl space dehumidifier eliminates these risks by decreasing the amount of moisture in the air. Due to its useful design, the device moves the air around, making a stuffy room history.

Add lighting

Now that your basement is nice and dry thanks to your crawl space dehumidifier, you want to create an inviting ambiance. Adding more lights will brighten up the room, upgrading it from a dark and drab basement to a bright and newly renovated family room.

Add heating

Addressing those water issues should keep your basement dry, but it might still feel chilly. But there is something you can do about it!

You can warm the space up by adding a couple of sump pumps and radiant panels on the walls. Use inorganic materials if you choose to replace the floors since these materials can handle exposure to moisture best.

Add personal touches

Your newly renovated basement should feel like an extension of your home. Add some personal touches. Perhaps paint the walls your favorite color or hang up your favorite pieces of artwork.

Benefits of keeping your basement dry and looking great

Dedicating some time to making sure your basement is a livable area of your home has many benefits. For starters, you can utilize this room to serve many different purposes. For example, your basement can now serve as a

  • guest room
  • media room
  • an additional bedroom
  • an in-law suite addition
  • an office
  • a recording studio
  • an art studio

If decorating can get overwhelming, just start with the basics and ensure that the room is clean and dry by using a crawl space dehumidifier as this ensures you’ll always have a waterproof basement.

Keep your basement dry

The basement doesn’t have to be a dark, cold, and undesirable corner in your home. By implementing a few of these tips, you can have a warm and inviting room that is sure to impress.

However, if you can go without all the bells and whistles, learning how to keep your basement clear of moisture is single handedly the most important tip you should implement. If you’re struggling with keeping your basement or crawl space free of moisture, make sure to give us a call today.