Does Your Crawl Space Need a Dehumidifier?


Crawl spaces are prone to having high humidity levels. This can be caused by many reasons, such as standing water in the area, outside air coming in through the vents, moisture evaporating from the ground, and more.

So, the shortest answer to the question above is yes. Installing a dehumidifier system in the underside of your home is one of the best ways you can remove moisture in the area. And if you’re still looking for other reasons why you need a crawl space dehumidifier, here are some of the harmful effects of having too much moisture in your property:

  • Health Issues
    If there’s a high level of moisture in your home, there’s also a high chance that you have mold and mildew growth and pest and insect infestation on your property. This is because mold and pests thrive well in damp, humid, and wet environments.
    Exposure to molds can put your health at risk, especially if you are allergic to such fungi. You may experience symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose, skin rash, and more. The presence of pests in your home can also be dangerous. They can contaminate surfaces and spread diseases like asthma and allergies.
  • Structural Problems
    Having too much moisture in your crawl space can pose a threat to your property’s structural integrity. As mentioned above, high moisture levels encourage mold growth and pest infestation. The latter and some types of pests like termites feed on and break down organic materials such as the wooden structures of your home.
  • High Energy Bill Problems
    A high level of moisture or humidity in your home can significantly affect the air temperature inside your home. This can be solved by your HVAC system. However, it will have to work harder than usual to keep the temperature inside your house at a comfortable level. As a result, you’ll have high energy bills.

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