Crawl Space Waterproofing: Comparing Methods

keeping your crawl space dry

If you’ve determined you need a solution for cutting down on humidity and moisture in your crawl space, your head may be spinning as you look up the many various options available to you. Be aware that some traditional methods just don’t cut it. For example, a wall vent in a crawl space. Wall vents consistently have condensation and allow for infiltration of moist soil and mold growth because they cannot maintain relative humidity below 70%. Here are some more effective methods for keeping your crawl space dry.

Vapor Barriers
A vapor barrier is a simple sheet that when installed properly can make your crawl space water resistant, locking out moisture. In the best case scenario, quality vapor barriers will almost completely waterproof the space while also being durable enough to handle traffic in the crawl space from homeowners or services without being damaged.

For the most part, you’ll want to avoid using an electronic as a long-term solution for moisture in a crawl space. It’s more appropriate for some basements, for example. Workers updating or repairing your crawl space may use a dehumidifier as a temporary means of emptying the crawl space of excess moisture in the air.

Sump Pumps
A sump pump is a system generally reserved for instances of a crawl space accumulating large pools of standing water. While sump pump installation may cause a homeowner to pause, it’s relatively low cost compared to potentially devastating water damage. A sump pump is often used when leaks or moisture accumulation from an HVAC system occurs.

French Drain System
A French drain system (aka a weeping tile, perimeter drain, drain tile, or sub-surface drain) directs water away from the crawl space floor simply using gravity. A French drain helps with natural issues like an oversaturation of groundwater and surface water.

A combination of these methods may be used during or after the whole process of crawl space encapsulation or waterproofing. Trust your professional installation team to choose the right options for immediate clean-up and keeping your crawl space dry. Remember that Dry-Tek offers 24/7/365 emergency service for your most alarming moisture problems that just can’t wait.