Benefits of a Finished Crawl Space

finished crawl space

A finished crawl space protects this critical area of your home from common threats like moisture damage. It can also be used to increase your home’s marketability and prevent pests from intruding your living space. 

Today, we are going to discuss some of the key benefits of a finished crawl space. Taking steps to upgrade this part of your home can provide numerous long-term benefits to homeowners. 

Locks Out Moisture 

Crawl spaces are under constant threat of moisture damage. Humid air, leaks, and flooding, are just three examples of common threats that you could have to deal with in your time as a homeowner. 

Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause mold to form in your crawl space as well as structural damage to wooden supports. These safety hazards should not be taken lightly.  If you live in a high-humidity or rainy climate, these threats are more prevalent and likely to result in these outcomes. 

A finished crawl space contains a moisture barrier and may also contain a moisture remediation solution like a dehumidifier. Encapsulating your crawl space will prevent moisture from accumulating near wooden structural elements to prevent mold growth and rotting. 

Keep Pests Away 

Unfinished crawl spaces with dirt floors can invite pests into your home. Rodents, insects, and other unwanted critters can dig up into this area because there is no hard barrier preventing them from doing so. 

If you have a dirt floor crawl space, you can add solid flooring and walls as part of your finishing process. The most common material used is a layer of cement or concrete for the flooring and cinder blocks for the walls. 

Cover these new hard surfaces with a vapor barrier to further protect your crawl space from intrusions. If there ever were a hole or crack large enough for a creature to still slip through, they will face further difficulty trying to break through this layer. 

Ensures that Any Unwanted Openings Are Sealed 

When finishing your crawl space, ask the professionals working on your project to check all walls, windows, and the ceiling for any unwanted openings like cracks or holes. These should be sealed promptly to further restrict access to moisture, pests, and other common threats to your home’s structure. 

Be sure to also have your professional inspect the windows in your crawl space. They will look for broken or cracked glass, defective hinges, and seals that have eroded over time. While some of these can be repaired with spot treatment techniques, you can also play it safe and replace the entire window. 

As with dirt floors, there is a chance that a creature could slip through a broken window. During rainstorms, water can also penetrate through openings in the window if not properly sealed. If your window is large enough and not secured, a human intruder could potentially enter through it and breach your home. 

Increase the Marketability of Your Home 

Many crawl spaces have dirt floors and most homeowners do not pay them any attention on a day-to-day basis. However, if your crawl space is finished, has a vapor barrier, and any holes or cracks have been treated, this can increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers if you decide to sell it. 

By finishing your crawl space, potential buyers will know that they do not have to spend more money on crawl space repairs after already investing a large amount in purchasing your home. This is a fantastic way for sellers to increase consumer confidence. 

Start Finishing Your Crawl Space

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