3 Reasons Why Crawl Space Inspections Are Important

moisture barrier

Many homes come equipped with crawl spaces. Though they can be beneficial when access to electrical wiring, ductwork, plumbing, or drain pipes is needed, they’re relatively easy to forget about. However, this out of sight, out of mind mentality can get you into a lot of trouble, especially if you’re neglecting to get your crawl space inspected on a routine basis. Here are three reasons you should pay attention to those hidden areas of your home.

  1. Moisture, rodents, and pests, oh my! Water is the primary enemy of any home. Where it is wet and humid, mold and mildew thrive; because wall-vented crawl spaces cannot maintain humidity below the 70% threshold, extra attention must be paid to ensure the fungi don’t gain a foothold. Securing the strength of your crawl space’s moisture barrier can prevent such events from occurring. At the same time, the hidden spaces offer ideal places for rodents and other pests to live; from termites to rats, the damage done can be quite significant.
  2. Problems can spread. Such annoyances can pose health problems and might even destroy the very foundation of your home (especially in the case of termites). If you’re unaware of what’s going on, you could end up facing extreme costs in the form of fumigation, eradication, and repairs. Routine inspections ensure that you always know the state of affairs in your crawl space.
  3. It could cost you. In addition to the costs of an exterminator or mold remediation technician, the insulation in your crawl space may end up damaged. This can lead to higher monthly energy bills as your home struggles to keep itself warm or cool. Replacing the material, particularly if the damage has spread quite extensively, is an extra headache that you’ll be forced to take on. The earlier these kinds of problems are discovered, the less it costs to fix them.

Take your crawl spaces as seriously as you would your basement; if you’re constantly keeping an eye on its moisture barrier and the presence of any uninvited, creepy-crawly guests, you’ll be able to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes a problem. From crawl space waterproofing to crawl space insulation, keeping your crawl space dry and healthy (so to speak) is an important part of home maintenance.