3 Health Problems That Mold Could Be Causing

how to keep your crawl space dry

Mold in your home can be sneaky, but that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Plenty of health problems can occur when you have certain kinds of mold growing in your home, especially the types that thrive in damp basements and crawl spaces. If you are experiencing any of these three health problems and you just can’t figure out why you may need mold removal services.

Worsening Asthma

You probably won’t develop brand new asthma from molds found in your home, but anyone who has a touch of asthma, to begin with, will find that mold exacerbates their symptoms. Get a mold test done if you find that you’re using your rescue inhaler more often or that your formerly exercise-induced asthma is popping up at times when you’re at rest.

Chronic Allergy-Like Symptoms

If you’ve never experienced seasonal allergies before, or you’re experiencing symptoms outside of the typical times of year you expect them, you may be experiencing irritation due to mold. Sneezing, itchiness, and an irritated throat for extended periods of time (seemingly without a cold or flu) should be investigated. Not everyone is so sensitive to house molds that they have an allergy-like reaction to them, but it’s something to consider especially if you’ve had sensitivities to dust or plant allergens in the past.

Chronic Sinus Infections

Sinus infections are common enough, but when they’re reoccurring or constant, there is an issue that’s not being treated. When you’re breathing in airborne mold particles, you can develop sinus infections fairly easily. In fact, the Mayo Clinic reports that around 93% of chronic sinus infection cases have been attributed to mold. If the antibiotics you’re taking don’t seem to stop the infection in its tracks, test your home for molds.

Wondering how to keep your crawl space dry or waterproof your basement when mold is afoot? There are a few things you can do, with some blog posts available right here on the Dry-Tek blog, like gardening smart and using a crawl space dehumidifier. For the most part, you’re better off calling the professionals to help you come up with a mold-proof moisture removal plan. Let us worry about how to keep your crawl space dry, so you can focus on the rest of your home and health.