3 Easy-To-Miss Signs that Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

Many homeowners believe they can tell with a glance whether or not their basement or crawl space has water problems. In some ways, these individuals are right. Many water damage warning signs are obvious; it’s hard to miss the shin-deep puddles of flood water or rotting wood that indicate water issues.

Sometimes, water problems are much more subtle. Without careful observations, you may not realize you need to waterproof your basement until the damage has already been done.

Diligence and knowing what to look for can help you stop a basement moisture problem before it starts. Take time to scan your basement or crawlspace for these three less-obvious signs that the foundation of your home needs waterproofing:

1. Small Stains or Water Marks

While big, poster-sized water stains are obviously cause for concern, keep your eyes peeled for smaller discolorations. Look for thin orange, white, or grayish streaks on the walls and floors. Even a stain the size of your palm might indicate a leak that could have been prevented by basement waterproofing.

2. Odd Smells

A moisture-free home should also be an odor-free home. Though your basement may feel slightly cooler or slightly more humid than other areas of your house, if it has a musty or sour smell, you could have a moisture issue. Wall-vented crawl spaces can also develop odors. A wall-vented crawl space cannot maintain humidity levels below 70%; therefore, they routinely experience condensation and mold growth. Call in the experts to determine if you need to waterproof your basement or start the mold removal process in your crawl space.

3. Shimmers in Strange Places

Slight sparkles on the wall, called efflorescence, indicate a moisture problem. The shimmer is caused by mineral deposits left on the wall or floor after the water evaporates. Though rather difficult to notice, efflorescence is a key sign that your basement moisture barrier has been compromised.

While foundation cracks, bowing walls, or puddles of water are easy to spot, other indicators of basement water issues are more difficult to notice. If you observe any of the above issues in your basement or crawlspace, call the experts to clear the moisture and create a waterproof home. For more information, contact Dry-Tek Environmental today.