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I was completely satisfied in my dealings with Dry-Tek.
I would recommend Dry-Tek to friend or family member.
Wonderful. Before and after photos showed dramatic improvement. Very courteous and professional.
— S. Clower
Easy to schedule an estimate. Had the best customer service and price around. Punctual & professional from start to finish. An absolute pleasure!
— L. Claar
Contracted with Austin- visited , answered questions, fast and honest estimate. contract was as discussed- no extras or surprises. Technician who performed the work arrived on time, work quickly, cleanly, efficiently. Cleaned up afterwards. Even went extra mile: moved items out of way, painted around windows, etc. Very professional, excellent quality work! Highly recommend.
— A. Hall
OUTSTANDING! , which is the first word i can say about this company. Austin, Joe & staff have made such an example of what a company should be. From the first meeting, which Austin was reassuring that our crawlspace issue could be taken care of. They gave their word that they would “make it right” and they do! Appointments were kept. The staff was very professional & hardworking. When we have had questions or concerns they are a phone call away. We would recommend Dry Tek first & foremost.
— D. Gibson
They were wonderfully efficient. The “clean-up guys” were fantastmagoric. They came on time, worked all day except for their lunch period. They were very hardworking and diligent. The work they completed was amazing. They also laid all the styrofoam and plastic and tape. A guy came by to pick up and take away all of the debris collected each day so there was no clutter left at my home. The electrician installed all of the necessary outlets for the dehumidifier and the sump pump. They sent a quality assurance guy 30 days later to ensure the equipment continued to perform optimally and to make any recommendations necessary. My crawlspace is magnificent. The difference is unbelievable. I used to be afraid to go down there. Now it’s actually a pleasant place to go. I would recommend this company and this service to anybody. I believe I got what I paid for. I am very satisfied their work.
— Marilyn W.
Work was completed in just over a day. Clean upped all around under where the insulation was done.(material was cut to fit in our back yard) The next day a supervisor came out and went in the crawl space and took photos to show us how the work was done. He explained how the indoor unit worked which showed temperature and humidity. They also filed the warranty paperwork for us which we received via e mail the next day. They also said they will do a 30 day inspection.
Extremely satisfied with the job and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work done.
— Alan W.
Excellent result !

Professional and prompt customer service to replace pump .
— Donald Hislop
Most of us who contract with an organization to so a job for us start with the knowledge of what kind of job we expect them to perform. That usually consists of the work we are sure we are paying for and maybe after a lot of complaining and sometimes some downright nasty arguments we get most of what we thought we paid for, and sometimes we settle for less than we think we should have gotten for our money simply because it is too much hassle to get anything else done to make it right. Let me tell you that was not the case with DRY-TEK. From start to finish I saw only professional attitude and work ethics. Everything was done on schedule and double checked for correctness. The contract was thorough, leaving no doubt as to what would be accomplished, when it would be accomplished and how it would be accomplished. I had no surprises except one; It all happened on time and professionally done without my having to watch over it to see it was done properly. My hat is off to the entire team. Thank you guys for a job well Done!
— Willie Compton
Wow! What a professional company from start to finish!!!! Dry-Tek is one of the most professional companies in customer service, reliability and quality of work that I have EVER encountered! From the moment I called Austin to the time the job was complete, I couldn’t have asked for a friendlier, more knowledgeable person than Austin and his staff. When Austin or any of his crew said they would be at the house, they were there in time to spare...always arriving a few minutes early. Austin provided me with several estimates and options from what I really needed to do through what would be above and beyond. He worked within my budget so that I could afford the model I most desired. His work crew and foreman were top notch as well! They were very knowledgeable and explained what they were doing each day. Every day after they were done working, I could go out in my yard and they left nothing behind. Everything had been cleaned up. You didn’t even know they were there! Even when they trenched in the pipe for the pump, the grass was placed on the side and put back exactly like it came out by hand. You couldn’t even see where they dug a trench. I would highly recommend anyone to use Dry-Tek! They are a one of a kind company who leaves no stone unturned and are very meticulous from start to finish. You will not be disappointed!
— Jason Miller
Very professional, from the time we call for the estimate, to references, to letting us see completed crawlspaces before we even dissident to go with this company. The Guys when they did the job were very friendly & professional. With this 3 days project, even day when they left you could not tell they were even here all day working. They cleaned up even day! Even when the job was completed if we had questions - we got them answered in a timely matter. Awesome people to work with!!
— BJ Bare
Very happy with the company, the product & the men who did the work in the crawl space. More companies need to incorporated their efficiency & quality of their work.
— Betty B.
My crawlspace was full of water almost every time it rained, or when the snow was melting. We had a sump pump, but it was installed in such a way, that I had to pull out the hose from underneath the house and drag it as far as I could... not fun. I knew something had to be done, but was not quite sure what to do, or who I should get to do it. The more I talked to people, the more confused I got. I had seen and heard ads for Dry-Tek Environmental, but when I met Austin Ireland at the Home Show in Salisbury I made my decision. He was friendly professional, and came out to our home and did a complete analysis and inspection at no cost to us. He then outlined several options to consider, it was obvious he was a not a one size fits all kind of company.. We made our choice, agreed on the price and the installation date. At this point, we were very happy. When it came time for installation, not only was I kept informed at all segments of the job, but they way over delivered what they said they would do. They said it would take two days, they had it done in one day. The workmanship was so good, I couldn’t really tell where they had worked in my yard and around my house. At the final inspection and walk through, I was amazed at the detail, and the quality of the work . It looked so good, I enjoy showing people the pictures of under my house..... I went from being happy to extremely happy. Everything was executed flawlessly. Austin and company are the experts, who do amazing work, and I tell need to get this done, and you need Dry-Tek Environmental to get it done for you. Finally a company that actually delivers what it says it will, and more....
— Brian Bishop
Dry-Tek removed old, excess insulation that was falling down within my crawl space. They sanitized the space and also installed a new dehumidifier. Team did an excellent job and am pleased with environment. Austin (owner) is very responsive and very knowledgeable about environmental issues.
— S. N.
When we had a problem with moisture in our crawl space Dry-Tek completely corrected the problem. We found them to be very professional and followed through on everything they promised. Austin and all the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!
— BD Wells
Our request for service seems to have been misplaced. Once I reestablished contact, they were very responsive and arranged to get the work done within our time constraints. They arrived promptly on the date scheduled and performed the work efficiently. They took into consideration work we had already had done and respectfully tried to minimize our additional costs. Very pleased with this company.
— S.S.
Thank you very much! I am very happy with the service that was provided by Dry-Tek! Communication was as good as I have seen with any business that we have ever dealt with. We knew what was being done and when, and it was done as it was replayed to us. Awesome job! I will continue to refer Dry-Tek within my sphere of influence.

I am having a camera system installed and one of them is going under the house so we can monitor the beautiful crawlspace, actually it will overlook the pump that was installed!
— Brian Spicer - President - Spicer Bros. Construction
Dry-Tek sets the “Golden Standard” when it comes to service on the Eastern Shore!
— M. Grecco
When my closets and clothes were smelling very musty, I found out that I had a very unhealthy situation going on under my house. I had standing water, mold and deteriorating wooden beams. Dry-Tek came to the rescue in a timely manner. Austin was very knowledgeable and informative. Their workmanship was impeccable. I now have a completely dry, mold-free crawl space, and I am breathing better. THANK YOU DRY-TEK.
— Patricia Ciurca
We are sending this letter to express our sincere appreciation and satisfaction of the work that was performed in our crawlspace. Living so close to the water for the past ten (10) years and unfortunately having a leaking pipe in our crawlspace, we had a major mess on our hands. Only having a small ply plastic laid over the ground and insulation stuffed in the floor joists, the water had saturated into the insulation and the ground was mud. We had the insulation removed and gave the ground a chance to dry before calling in a contractor. We received 3 separate bids to have the crawlspace worked on. After careful consideration and countless questions, we decided to have the crawlspace encapsulated. For us, Dry-Tek was able to answer ALL the questions we had and we had a lot, as well as the flexibility to work within our schedule. Investing in our home by encapsulation was a major decision and we couldn’t be happier! Joe, the Project Manager and his team were phenomenal! The team worked hard, were very accommodating and were in constant communication with Joe. What an amazing job they did. If we weren’t home, we would have never known they were there, because they were so clean! What a relief to find a contractor like Dry-Tek. They did what they said they would do and in the time they said they would do it.

After the job was completed, we actually had a walk-through with Joe. He took pictures and went over the operation of the equipment we also had installed. Thirty days later, we received a call from Cathy, your Office Manager, to schedule a time when Joe could come out and make sure everything was running properly and that we were still happy. WOW! YES, we were still happy. Not only is the crawlspace so clean I think we can eat off the floor down there now, what a difference inside our home (so much warmer). It was worth every penny and then some!
Thank you so much. You are the best and we are willing to tell anyone what our experience has been like. Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference and feel free to have potential customers call us directly.
— Doug & Kathy Deiss

Always pleased with Austin’s quick response, reasonable pricing and overall customer service.
— Anna Prandy, Realtor & Certified Residential Appraiser Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

We couldn’t be more pleased with the service that Austin and his entire team provided to us from start to finish.
From our intial meeting to the final walkthrough the professionalism and education that was provided was second to none.
The crew that completed the work was amazing as they worked extremely hard and the results were fantastic.
I couldn’t recommend this company more.
— Brad and Kristi S
When we had a problem with moisture in our crawl space Dry-Tek completely corrected the problem. We found them to be very professional and followed through on everything they promised. Austin and all the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!
— BD Wells

Excellent job Austin and the Dry-Tek crew. Austin’s integrity, professionalism and attention to detail are above reproach. My indoor pool that was my crawl space is now dry. The price to do the work was reasonable for the service provided. Austin provided add on services at no extra charge which was really appreciated. I thank Austin and his crew for a job well done.
— Michael K.

The job they did on my crawl space is fantastic. The difference it made was instantly noticeable. I can not wait to see how it effects my utility bills.

Austin is very professional and great to work with. You can tell that he is passionate about his job and is very true to his word. I highly recommend them for fixing your crawl space.
— Paul S.

I think I reviewed these folks for Angie’s list some years ago when they did my crawlspace, but I felt compelled to do so again here. First of all, when they enclosed my crawlspace, they did a wonderful job—better than I expected,doing more than I expected. They also set up a payment plan that I could afford. The work and materials (I could not afford the thickest plastic, but I have not felt I needed it since) have held up for many years now with no problems, including the dehumidifier and monitoring system they installed. The professionalism and kindness they showed me at a difficult time was remarkable. There had been a spraying leak under the house and there were inches of water—and I had been ill-served by another outfit (Serve-pro) that had only put in a fan temporarily to “dry” things out (what was needed was to close things off and use a hehumidifier), allowing mold to develop AND spread over the joists, etc. My heat and air system had been overtaken by mold, and it all had to be replaced. The insurance company was completely unhelpful, eventually offering $250 for a situation that would take many thousands to get back to its “original” condition (not counting enclosing the crawl, which I did not expect them to help with). It was a nightmare. The heat and air was handled by a heat and air company, but the cleaning up of the mold and setting things up so it would not come back was Dry-Tek’s work. They even helped me by documenting conditions for my fight (as it turned out) with the insurance company. I eventually got a lot of money from the insurance company, but not without much struggle, effort, time, and a great deal of stress (if you think your insurance representatives exist to help you, as in the commercials where they show up at the scene—well, not in my experience). I had also recently had a bad experience with an incompetent (or worse) building contractor who kept installing the wrong kinds of windows in a sun-room despite the right kind being specified in the contract (again, much unnecessary stress). With all this, Austin Ireland, who deals with clients and also acts as a kind of foreman, was a God-send. He is the nicest person you could hope to deal with. He is never the least bit pushy (does not try to sell you anything you don’t need); he is generous; he is reliable, knowledgeable, and honest. In fact, the reason I thought to write this is that he helped me the other day: I had some water appear on the plastic and could not find the source (it turned out to be a dripping leak in a pipe that was not dripping when I looked). I called Dry-Tek and got Austin—what a pleasure to find he was still working there years later,and was still his helpful self. He came out quickly to look at the situation, found the leak (which I then had fixed by a plumber), checked the equipment, crawled all around the crawl space to make sure there were no other issues, and did not charge me anything. In any case, I could not have been more pleased with the original work (the workers who do the actual physical labor under the house did an amazing job—whatever they pay them is probably not as much as they deserve). The joists, etc. were somehow stripped of all mold, treated, had insulation removed and new insulation put around the perimeter instead (not all in that order), etc, etc. Afterwards, everything below the joists from the ground to the now-insulated walls (and I mean everything—including the odd cinder block) was wrapped in white plastic. Austin made sure I had some tape in case there was ever a hole created in the plastic. Now all workmen are grateful for the condition of the crawlspace, as am I, and the monitoring system that tells me the remote moisture level in the crawl gives me peace of mind. In short, I can recommend Dry-Tek, their personnel and their work and materials, without hesitation. Incidentally, they also did the crawlspace of someone else in my neighborhood, and he was as pleased as I am (actually, I now see he left a long review here himself). Thank you to Austin and everyone at Dry-Tek for doing such a great job at such a difficult time for our family!
— Michael B.

Dry Tek, Austin Ireland and his crew are the most professional people that you could ever deal with, honest, smart, full of integrity and they don’t try to up sell you. Austin gave me a price for doing my crawl space and he said we was using 6 ml plastic for the job and I asked for a heavier plastic, he assured me that the 6 ml is all I needed. So there was no pressure to up sell the job, however I did get them to install the system using 12 ml (it’s my ADHD). Dry tek was in and out in 2 days. From ugly to about the WOW factor...when Austin quoted the job he let me know that this would only take care of the moisture from the top of the barrier it wouldn’t resolve my water issue under the I did the minimal and it did keep the water out except from some seams in the plastic that had to be fixed with a higher grade tape...I notice the little bit of water on top of the barrier after a heavy rain and called Dry-Tek on a Saturday and thought I was going to leave a message for Monday when Austin picked up the phone and I told him what I found he had “MK” the supervisor on the job out to see what was happening that day....WOW factor again.....Austin and MK advised me that I should consider putting in a mini drain field under the plastic with a sump pump that would and did take care of any and all moisture under my house....Dry Tek put the drain field in. It took them less than a day to do at a great price!!!! I have had water under my house for 13 yrs, except for water....just a clean and bright crawl space that when it comes time for me to sell this house the next owner probably would pay more because of the care and shape of the crawl space let alone the house....Dry Tek gives up profits for customer satisfaction....they are a Diamond in the Rough....anybody that wants to talk to me about this experience I will take your call....Dry Tek has my number....Great Job Austin.....thanks for everything...
— Arzie O.

Dry Tek conducted mold remediation and installed a DH/sump pump system in our crawl space in 2007 and has serviced the system as required since in a prompt and professional manner. Recently we had to replace one DH unit and Mycola did a fine and timely job in the installation. Dry Tek is a professional and honest contractor - we could not be happier with their service.
— Joe & Ann

Thanks for taking care of replacing the pump, MK did an excellent job, and as I hope you know he is an excellent representative for your business.....Thanks Again!
— Tom S.

I would like to thank Austin and his team for the great job they did on my home. I have always had water problems under my house and it was something I knew at some point I would have to deal with.

As someone who likes to do a lot of work myself I quickly realized that this project was well out of my league. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of work and time it took to complete the job. I would recommend Dry-Tek to anyone.
— Mark U.

I would like to express my personal thanks and appreciation for the efforts of two of your staff, Kayla Barfield and your installer - “MK”. Their efforts in the recent encapsulation of the crawlspace in my Ocean City property were very noteworthy.

From the very start, Kayla was totally focused on customer service, answering my many questions along the way, bringing up points to consider, and suggesting alternatives for me. Her upbeat personality really shines, and she communicates very, very well - I really appreciate that, especially since she is in essence the “voice” of your Company. What a great employee you have there - she was professional in every respect.

MK was very knowledgeable on every detailed element of the installation and walked me thru the process on-site, taking me into the crawlspace and showing me exactly what the crew was doing. He was very professional, ensuring that I had no surprises along the way, making recommendations and discussing each step, assuring me that the final result will be exactly as I planned, and of course, it was excellent.
— Mario D.

Austin was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous!
— Unknown

It was a remarkable experience starting from the very beginning. The amount of time Austin invested into preparing for an outstanding presentation was just marvelous and highly informative. I was treated like an individual not just a customer.

The company possess two major qualities hard working crew, and a very focused leader like Austin. the work they do is of high quality and justly suitable price for my budget, its a company thats motivated by something beyond financial success.

I hold very high regards for the company and the magnificent job they have done. I highly recommend dry-tek to anyone.
— Sultan B.

Mere words can’t begin to describe my outstanding experiences with DryTek...but I’ll try!

As a local real estate agent, I first came into contact with DryTek when one of my client’s home needed mold remediation work. From day one I could see how professional Austin was. As the weeks went by and the work was completed, I became even more convinced of the companies professionalism and outstanding work. The work was completed in a timely and workmanlike manner. In the end, the mold problems were never an issue in the sale of the property because the work was just performed so excellently.

After that, I began recommending DryTek and Austin to all of my clients that had mold and or moisture related issues.

Then, as I sold my own home and became aware of issues with my own moist crawlspace, I called Austin and DryTek in again. He gave us many options for fixing the moisture issues. In addition, he was also able to bring in contractors to do new flooring in our three bathrooms, work that was also beautifully and professionally completed!

In conclusion, let’s just say that, on the eastern shore, known for its contractors that can barely call you back, Austin and DryTek are the bright and shining star in mold and moisture control, painting, and home remodeling!
— Melanie

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